Information on the coronavirus / Covid19 english

The situation concerning the coronavirus / Covid19 is constantly evolving, with new recommendations and directives announced on an ongoing basis by the Danish authorities, including the Danish Prime Minister’s Office, the Danish Health Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

CP ApS continues to acknowledge and take the authorities’ recommendations and directives seriously.

This means that in relation to ourselves, colleagues, clients, suppliers and other partners etc., wewill do what we can to help contain the disease due to the grave societal and individual consequences that may occur if it spreads unchecked.

We have mutual expectations toward all our clients, suppliers, other partners etc., that they also follow the recommendations and directives announced by the Danish authorities.

To avoid any confusion, we expect everyone to follow the Danish Health Authorities’ instructionsfor reducing behaviour that spreads the disease. See more on the Danish Health website.

We also expect others to follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s instructions if you have been in a risk area or other risk environments identified by the authorities. Kindly be aware that the areas / countries that are defined as risk zones can change from day to day. Please see more on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s website:

You are also obliged to notify CP ApS immediately if you show any symptoms, has been diagnosed with the Covid19 or have been in close contact with one or more diagnosed persons,and may have potentially exposed one or more CP employees to the virus.

In relation to physical meetings the above directions along with the general guidelines from the Danish authorities regarding social distance, use of protection equipment, hygiene etc. applies. Under no circumstances will CP ApS conduct meetings with individuals with any symptoms ofillness or with individuals who have been in a coronavirus area in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s recommendations and as described above.

We urge everyone to stay abreast of developments and any new initiatives from the Danish authorities.

CP ApS will revise the instructions and expectations in this document, as needed.

Please contact Ole Sønderkær if you have any questions.


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